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Register today for the Climb Small Church Leadership Conference! This conference is designed to inspire and equip small church leaders, self-supporting ministers, aspiring missionaries, and disciples who want to make this life count for God. Here is what you’ll learn and why you need to go: 

  • How to lead in a changing social and cultural environment
  • How to stay fired up when you’re facing challenges
  • How to grow your ministry
  • What it takes to lead in today’s environment
  • How to tackle the spread of progressive theology
  • How to become a domestic or foreign missionary
  • How to lead a flourishing marrieds ministry
  • How to lead a growing campus ministry
  • How to spur your ministry to health, vitality, and growth after COVID

These and many other subjects will be covered over the course of the conference.

  • Speakers:
    • Shawn and Lena Wooten, Moldova
    • Dave Bliley, New Zealand
    • Daren Overstreet, Tampa, USA
    • Joel Peed, Eau Claire, WI, USA
    • Joel Nagel, Lansing, MI, USA
    • Rob Skinner, Tucson, USA